Hormone Replacement Therapy

Menopause will cause a woman's estrogen and progesterone levels to drop significantly. Hormone replacement therapy will balance a woman's hormone levels. Boosting their hormone levels will help reduce certain symptoms of menopause. Estrogen stimulates the release of eggs. Progesterone prepares a woman's womb for pregnancy. It also helps protect the lining in the uterus. When estrogen levels decrease, women may start experiencing vaginal dryness, urinary problems, thinning hair, problems sleeping, night sweats, irregular periods, or hot flashes. A decrease in progesterone may not cause women any discomfort but experts say their risk of endometrial cancer may increase.

Hormone replacement therapy refers to medications containing female hormones that replace the ones the female body no longer produces after menopause. This therapy may reduce symptoms such as hot flashes, vaginal dryness and painful intercourse. There are several forms of hormone therapy. Estrongen can come in a nasal spray, pills, skin gel, skin patches, or vaginal creams. Progesterone is available in pill form, patches and vaginal creams.

Common Medications Prescribed:

  • Pills - Cenestin, Estrace, Premarin, Estinyl, Provera, Cycrin, Megace, Activella, FemHRT, Prempro
  • Creams - Estrace, Ogen, Premarin
  • Vaginal Tablet - Vagifem
  • Vaginal Ring - Femring, Estring
  • Patch - Alora, Climara, Estrderm, Vivelle-Dot, CombiPatch, Climara-Pro

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