How does the Affordable Care Act Affect Women?

The new health care law will lower all general health costs for women. This makes it easier for women to access and pay for health care. Women have access to a large number of preventive services which will be completely covered by the insurance companies. These services include:

  • Well-woman visits.
  • Screening for gestational diabetes.
  • Testing for HPV.
  • Counseling for sexually transmitted infections.
  • Domestic and interpersonal violence screening and counseling.
  • FDA-approved contraceptive methods, and contraceptive education and counseling.
  • Counseling and screening for HIV.
  • Breastfeeding support, supplies, and counseling.
  • Mammograms and Colonoscopies
  • Quick Facts:

    • More than 60 percent of women ages over the age of 40 had a mammogram within the past two years.
    • About 75 percent of women start breastfeeding immediately after giving birth. Only 16 percent still exclusively breastfeed at 6 months. The law now requires coverage of breastfeeding support and equipment to make going back to work easier for breastfeeding moms.
    • The law now requires coverage for smoke cessation services for women.
    • In the past two years, over 130 million women have received a routine exam in the past two years. The law now requires this exam be covered by insurance.
    • Women are able to remain on their parent's health policy until they turn 26.
    • Women will not be rejected due to pre-exisiting conditions.
    • Maternity care is required in new insurance plans.
    • Women will not be charged more just for being a women. Before, in some cases, non-smoking women were charged more than a man who smokes.