Pharmacists may be able to Prescribe Birth Control in near Future

Yesterday, December 8th 2015, the state of Oregon passed H.B. 2879. This means that the state Board of Pharmacy will develop procedures for prescribing hormonal contraceptive patches and oral contraceptives. Their goal is to implement new policies and procedures for the coming year. California has a similar law that is expected to take effect sometime in 2017 as well. Patients fill out a short questionnaire and the pharmacy will bill their insurance The new laws are receiving praise as well as criticism. For example, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists argue that hormonal contraceptives should be available over-the-counter.

Women who need a prescription for birth control also need a physician to write the prescription. Many women, especially young women, do not have a primary physician. Those who do have a physician must often wait for appointments. As a result, women will wait until their annual exam or physical to speak to their doctor about birth control options. Easier access to contraceptives can be obtained by visiting your neighborhood pharmacy should these new policies pass in each state. Hormonal contraceptives are already sold over the counter in much of the world. A prescription is still required in the U.S., Canada and in western Europe.

New policies and procedures will also present a cheaper alternative for women to obtain a prescription for contraceptive by not requiring them to pay for a doctor’s visit. The United States has a very high percentage of unintended pregnancies. Many are the result of women being unwilling to jump through the hoops to secure birth control before having sex. The obstacles of convenience, cost and logistics are higher for women with limited income.

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