Research Shows Stress-Related Sleep Problems Worse for Women, Says Carter-Reed Company™

NEW YORK-- We all know that women are more susceptible to stress and anxiety than men… due to our constantly fluctuating hormones, a tendency to overschedule our lives, and our typical unwillingness to say no to employers, spouses, friends and kids who constantly keep asking for more and more. We also know that daily stress can interfere with our normal sleep patterns. But why is stress-related sleep deprivation truly devastating for women? Because it not only keeps us awake all night, exhausted all day (and grouchy, too), it can also cause us to retain stress-related belly fat and make our skin look older (due to something called telomere shortening).

So what can we do? Getting a handle on stress-related sleep deprivation means learning how to control and reduce your stress levels, but that can be easier said than done. Most of us hate taking sedative-like sleep aids because they can make you feel groggy, foggy and hung-over in the morning. And, if you've tried playing soothing music, taking a hot bath or sipping warm milk before bed — but are still tossing and turning half way through the night — it may be time to turn to the revolutionary non-sedative, stress reducer/mood elevator thousands already rely on to reduce stress and add a little spark to their life. It's called Relacore® Extra, and it's changing the way people tackle stress-filled, restless nights.

Millions are already familiar with Relacore Extra… after all, it's been America's #1 Stress-Reducing "Feel Good Pill" for years. But over the last year, The Carter-Reed Company™, Relacore Extra's maker, has heard from more and more customers who are using Relacore Extra for an entirely different purpose… to help them get a better night's sleep.

"Although we've never marketed Relacore Extra as a sleep aid, taking Relacore Extra before going to bed actually makes a lot of sense," says Gina Daines, spokesperson for Carter-Reed. "That's because Relacore Extra was specifically formulated to help cut stress, reduce mild anxiety, and improve mood… the same things that keep us awake at night."

By the way, when you're looking for Relacore Extra, you can skip the "sleep aid" aisle. Relacore Extra is found in the "diet" or "weight loss" section of your local Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, or Target (that's because over the years Relacore Extra has become known as America's #1 Selling "Belly Fat" Pill based on its ability to tackle stubborn, stress-related "belly bulge"). A full 60-capsule supply costs about $29 USD. You can also purchase Relacore Extra directly from Carter-Reed by visiting or calling 1-800-910-1401. Use promo code REST3 and shipping is free!*