What to Say to Your Partner if He Refuses to Wear a Condom

Because the majority of reproductive responsibility has fallen on the ladies, it's absolutely vital that men have more options for contraception. It's time they take more control over their reproductive futures. Until the much talked about Vasalgel hits the market in 2017, condoms are still the most convenient and cost-effective method of male contraception.

As long as condoms are the main source for men to prevent pregnacy, they will continue to use lame excuses on women everywhere of why they can't or don't want to use a condom. When you are presented with a scripted condom coercion, you should be prepared for a response. We'll give you some common excuses and how to properly respond to them. If our responses don't work, you should opt for kicking him out of bed.

Things he might say and how you should respond:

Him: "I don't like the way it feels with a condom."

You: "I'll feel more relaxed if we used a condom. If I'm more relaxed, it will be better for both of us."

Him: "Don't worry. I'm clean."

You: "Yeah but there's this long term commitment called pregnancy."

Him:"Condoms interrupt the mood."

You:"Not if I help put it on."

Him: "You're so beautiful. I just can't wait any longer."

You: "My health is part of what makes me beautful."

Him: "Don't you love me?"

You: "Of course I do. Don't you love me enough to protect my health?

Him: "Just once without it, please?"

You:" It only takes once to get pregnant or to contract an STD."

Bottom Line:

Don't be afraid of rejection. If he is not interested in your well-being, is isn't worth having sex with anyway. Whatever your policy on protection, you should be open with your partner about it and stick to your guns.